About Armour


Designed in Australia by a highly experienced team of experts, Armour is a brand of quality accessories and equipment protection products.

The Armour accessory and protection ranges are engineered with functionality and reliability in mind. Armour products can be counted on to get the job done.

Starting with a range of durable gig bags in a range of series to suit all different musical instruments and speakers, you can choose from different grades of zippers, material and padding that best suit your needs. The Armour range even offers a hard case option or, in some size and shapes, wood cases for more durable transport of your instruments.

Leads, cables and stands are also available in a variety of sizes and styles and are part of an ever expanding range designed to meet  the needs of the digital and musical equipment we use every day.


What do our Cases "Protection Ratings" mean?

At Armour we want to ensure you are getting the correct protection for your needs. Using our CASE ADVISOR or browsing the Armour site will display an indicator showing a case or gig bags Protection Rating. The premise is simple - the higher Protection Rating, the better the protection your instrument will receive. This revolves around a cases features like levels of internal padding, neck protection, external additions like reinforced handles and base protectors or whether a case is of a hard or soft construction design. The best place for you to get started in finding your perfect case is using our CASE ADVISOR, choosing the way you use your instrument and the CASE ADVISOR will display a selection of case solutions that will work best for you. 

When should I be considering a hard case versus a gig bag?

Protecting your gear is Armour's number one priority. Sometimes you will need maximum protection, other times you will be needing maximum portability. That is why we offer extensive options for protecting your guitar in either gig bag or hard case varieties. 
Gig bags work fantastically for situations where you need to move around a lot, but still need a lightweight protection solution. Like if you need to take your Guitar on crowded public transport or want to walk or ride your bike to your gig with your Guitar on your back. Gig bags can also let you store them in a more compact way when not in use. Armours's gig bag range also have multiple pockets and storage solutions built into them, letting you fit a fold up guitar Stand, pedals, music books and more into a single case. 
Hard cases are for when the number one priority for the case is Protection. Need to take your guitar on a plane? Heading off on tour and travelling your gear in a trailer? Have an expensive or important instrument you MUST keep safe? An Armour hard case is your solution. If you are storing an instrument for a long time under a bed, in a garage or in a storage locker, an Armour hard case will help keep out the elements better than a gig bag may. Armour hard cases feature either a wooden or moulded ABS plastic construction to ensure protection against impacts vertically or horizontally. Internal neck supports and plush interiors are there to hold your guitar in the safest position as well as protect its finish. There is also internal storage pockets for storing tools, accessories and more. 

Often the solution for players is to purchase both types of cases for their coveted instruments - to help keep you flexible and your gear protected. Luckily, Armour Cases have you covered.

Why does Zipper Size matter?

On your gig bag, one of the most used components of the case is the zipper. Small, fragile zippers are prone to breakage and catching which can make opening and closing your case an impossible task. At Armour we like to use larger, stronger and better quality metal cast zippers to ensure durability and reliabiliy. On most products you will see a zipper size letting you know which superior sized zipper you will be getting with your Armour case.

What is a Neutrik® connector?

Armour Cable solutions are all about reliability and dependability in performance situations. That is why we have released a range of professional cables utilising Neutrik® Connectors. Neutrik® is the worlds leading supplier of professional entertainment connector products for audio, video, fibre optic and industrial connectors and interconnect systems. Their connectors are known for their heavy duty, gig worthy reliability which makes them a perfect match for Armour cables. If you see an Armour cable part of the Neutrik® range, whether it be a Guitar Lead, XLR Microphone Cable, NL2 or NL4 Speaker cable - you know you are getting a cable with superior performance matched with world famous Neutrik® reliability.


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